Empowering the communities that we operate in is a value we hold dearly. This has been extensive at THIRSTI, first in the form of job creation and a rigorous training programme to upskill people who were previously unemployed in the local community.

However, as a South African brand we are passionate about all South African communities so when disaster strikes, and access to clean drinking water becomes vital, we make it our mission to get involved. THIRSTI has been built on a vision of bringing clean, quality water to the people of Africa, below are some of the ways we have been able to assist various communities, bringing relief in a time of great need.

THIRSTI Water Project

Access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation was recognised as a human right by the UN in 2010.
Unfortunately, in South Africa, many people still go without this essential resource. As a result, in true THIRSTI style, a team
of their most enthusiastic people went out, determined to create meaningful and long-lasting change.

THIRSTI supports RedFrogs safeguard a generation

We have partnered with Red Frogs South Africa as a sponsor in their #SafeGuardingAGeneration campaign.

Red Frogs South Africa is a support network of volunteers who aim to be a positive presence in party environments around South Africa. With over 645 volunteers serving 7 Matric Holiday destinations, reaching 40 000 Matrics; 16 Universities, reaching over 120 000 students; 40+ Schools and a number of Music Festivals, reaching over 80 000 patrons.

Making free pancakes, handing out their famous Red Frog sweets and of course THIRSTI water.
The Red Frogs team are focused on building positive relationships with the youth. As a result of safeguarding a generation of young people, Red Frogs South Africa aim to empower young people to make positive life choices and become a voice of change within their culture.


Knysna Relief

Knysna was left reeling after the recent devastation of the fires that tore through its town, evacuating more than 10 000 people from their homes. The Western Cape coastal town was already struggling with province-wide water shortages, and after the fires, access to clean drinking water was severely impacted.

We sent down over 31 500 litres of Natural Spring Water, to Shoprite Checkers in Knysna, which was the base for Gift of the Givers. They distributed the water to those impacted, making sure that clean drinking water was available to those who needed it most.


Operation Hydrate

We teamed up with Operation Hydrate, Shoprite Checkers and Mango Airlines in the midst of one of South Africa’s worst drought in decades to ensure communities across South Africa had access to drinking water. Providing over 336 000 litres of water to communities desperate for access to water.

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No-one Goes THIRSTI on the South Coast

In November 2015, South Coast residents had undrinkable, salty water coming out of their taps.
Our MD, Rob Hoatson read about their plight on the news and we decided to donate a truck containing over 36, 000 litres of water to people in the town to make sure that drinking water was available.

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