We are not like other water brands you see. We don’t behave like them, act like them or taste like them.

Even our story is unique. It began in the early 90’s – an extremely industrious woman named Anneriet Van Niekerk discovered a special kind of water that had been hidden from humans since the dawn of time. And it came in the form of a natural spring, a fountain of purity nestled amongst the indigenous forests on the slopes of the Klein Drakensberg. This water was untouched and contained a flowing charm and a taste that only nature could master.

Buying bottled water was unheard of at the time, but the refreshingly unique taste of this water soon became a necessity for those living in the nearby community. So much so, that Anneriet was able to sustain her livelihood from the sales she made selling this bottled spring water.

A few years later the Van Niekerk family sold their farm and the distribution of this water came to a halt for many years.

One day whilst driving along the farm, the new owner of the farm noticed a truck with two large barrels of water. He drove up to the people and asked them what they were doing. A man then told him how he travelled here every weekend to get the water that came from this spring.

Confused, the owner of the farm asked why they would travel so far just for water? Surely there were other, easier means of getting water? The man smiled, telling the farm owner that this water was special with a taste like no other.

At first the farm owner thought this was crazy, after all water is just water, isn’t it? The man then gave him a taste of this water and at that point the farm owner understood why the man had travelled so far. The water could quench a thirst like nothing else on earth. He knew he had found something magical, something he wanted to share with the rest of the world. It was here the idea of bottling this natural spring water was born once again.

Production started in late 2015 with our natural and sparkling spring waters, with a quest to share our wonderful thirst-quenching spring water far and wide, we developed the Infusions Range – a delicious range of fruit flavoured waters.

Using only natural ingredients paired with our sublime tasting spring water, we have created a spring drink that offers delicious fruity, freshness, using all the very best that Mother Nature has to offer.

Our philosophy; Drink Clean – Real Goodness means that we use no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colourants – no artificial anything! Just Real Goodness in every drop.

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